Motorcycles dominate at the Land's End Trial

C R Bell (Ariel) trundles determinedly across Darracott. Those behind him would be caught in a small snowstorm that thankfully subsided not long after it began.

The 33rd of its kind since the event’s inception, the 1953 Land’s End Trial – organised by the Motor Cycle Club – commenced from three separate locations.

Riders of solo motorcycles, sidecar outfits and three-wheelers (totalling 138 entrants in all) began the trial from Virginia Waters near Staines, while a further 59 set off from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, and a final group of 63 participants made up the starter’s list in Launceston, Cornwall.


The event also attracted a considerable quantity of riders from the armed forces, and their significant riding skill was apparent from the start as they confidently tackled section after section on their WD machines.

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