• First time around

    It’s not hard to explain the swell of enthusiasm for scooters after the Second World War. Small wheels meant less weight and also left more

  • Within these Walls

    Tucked away, off an unremarkable West Midlands dual carriageway, in an unremarkable West Midlands industrial complex is an unremarkable industrial unit. But it’s here where

  • Sporting ambitions

      Park a Bantam of any age in any British town and I’d wager you’ll not stand there long before you’re approached by someone who:

  • Five speeds in my Velo

    It’s oft stated that necessity is the mother of invention and when Gerry Cain was creating his ‘ultimate’ Velocette, he felt it was necessary his

  • One track mind

        Look in just about any motorcycle manufacturer’s catalogue from the 1930s and you’ll find a competition model listed. Designed for the man who

  • Winging it

    A cautionary tale to begin with: if you happen upon a motorcycle auction, be warned that you may end up taking home more than just a

  • Three wheels on my wagon…

    Brooklands, November 29, 2017: De Dion Bouton Tricycles are lined up on the start-finish straight opposite the clubhouse to celebrate an event that took place

  • Triumph TR6

    What’s the ideal old motorcycle? Of course, everyone has their opinion – but Triumph’s TR6 makes a strong case for the crown. Words: James Robinson