You’ve featured my Daytona!

Well, not quite my machine but on opening my October 2019 copy of The Classic MotorCycle, I was amazed to see a 1972 Daytona looking just like mine – almost.

I was aware of most of the detail about how the T100 became the Daytona, but you filled in a few more for me.

I bought my 72 T100R in bits in April (a UK spec and registered bike), and it’s now on the road after a lot of work, money, and research.


It had been dismantled in 1982 and never put back together, until this summer.

The Daytona of Andy Fletcher. And very handsome it is too.

I fitted the UK conical silencers, as shown in JR Nelson’s book on the 500s, largely because Triumph changed the pillion footrest brackets late that model year so the teardrop silencers don’t fit.

I also did a lot of research on the tank paint layout and I had mine painted the same way as the bike you show.


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