Your questions answered with Richard Rosenthal


Your queries resolved with Richard Rosenthal

Pioneer police motorcycle: “Here’s a photograph (pictured below) I’ve come across and I would be interested to know if the machine can be identified,” said Stuart Nicholson.

Richard: “Super image of a circa 1907 Quadrant 3¼HP or 3½HP, registered in County Mayo, Ireland. One assumes it was new to the police.”

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“It is powered by either a 422cc or 454cc single cylinder engine with automatic inlet valve over mechanical side-valve and probably has a Longuemare carburettor. This machine appears to have battery and coil ignition.

“Quadrant was founded in c1883 by members of the Lloyd family to make cycles and tricycles.

“The firm appear to have been experimenting with motorcycles c1900 and possibly earlier before entering the market in 1902, with a 211cc automatic inlet valve Autocyclette, comprising a Belgian made Minerva kit fitted to sturdy Quadrant cycles.

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Soon a tricycle forecar was added to the range and in 1903 Walter Lloyd designed a four-stroke engine which Quadrant manufactured.”

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