Wrong Star

My passion lies with prewar BSA M24 Gold Stars and related singles so I was therefore delighted to find the article on Sammy Miller’s 1939 BSA M23 ‘Empire Star’ restoration in the February 2018 issue – particularly as I am currently restoring an example of the same model.

The featured bike has clearly been restored to a high standard, although the rivet counters of this world might have one or two minor issues with it.


However, the bike is not an Empire Star. The Val Page BSA M23 500cc model was named the Empire Star for 1937 and 1938, but for 1939 BSA dropped that name, and rechristened it the Silver Star, as per the attached picture from the 1939 BSA catalogue.

In the interests of maintaining the high standard of the magazine, I thought you should be aware of this.

For anyone interested in the 1930s BSA ‘Star’ singles, my website bsa-m24.com might appeal.


George Wander,
via email. 

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