World’s first heated visor insert marks the end of foggy visors


Space technology and British engineering expertise combine to make foggy visors a thing of the past with the world’s first universal heated visor insert.

Bad weather and motorcycle helmet visors don’t really mix. When the humidity rises, the visor mists over. That’s just physics for you. So far, your options have been to either try to wipe it or admit defeat and park the bike. Sure, there are products on the market to prolong the inevitable, but if you have ridden a bike in weather bad enough, for long enough, you know that eventually all existing solutions fail, and instead of the road ahead, all you see is the foggy inner surface of your visor. But that’s about to change!

Providing clear vision in any weather is the VISIN Heated Visor Insert that will keep the visor mist-free for up to 8 hours. The insert, designed and produced in the West Midlands, has a universal fit, and can be fitted to any helmet. Powered by a multi-purpose, integrated power pack, VISIN is the first – and only – heated universal visor accessory designed specifically to provide motorcyclists, snowmobile riders and other helmet wearers with unrivalled visibility in adverse weather conditions.

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The exceptional performance of VISIN substantially exceeds the performance of the closest competitor products in keeping the visor mist-free. VISIN also has a higher light transmission level than other visor inserts, making it the only legal product of its kind in the market for both day- and night-time use.

How does VISIN work?

The system consists of a visor insert, a battery pack/controller and a wire connecting the two.

The conductive transparent coating of the visor insert allows electricity to pass across the film and instantly generate heat. This heating feature is what makes VISIN different from the competitors. Used on visors, the heat generated quickly clears any mist and prevents recurrence of further mist – providing riders with a clear field of vision without the need to raise visors.

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Providing a sustained mist-free field of vision for up to 8 hours between charges, and functioning effectively without riders having to open their visors or even helmet vents, VISIN keeps riders dry, warm and safe – enabling them to enjoy the ride and focus on the road ahead with enhanced safety and comfort.

Whilst the system is active, power is continuously applied to the insert. There’s also a boost function which lasts for 40 seconds and increases the power 2.5 times. This rapidly clears the visor in more severe weather conditions.

VISIN operates in temperatures between -20°C and 60°C.

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How did VISIN come about?

The VISIN Heated Visor Insert is the brainchild of Jason Eite from West Midlands-based Diamond Coatings Ltd. The company has a strong track record of supplying the aerospace, automotive, military and medical sectors with coating solutions for demanding applications. One recent project saw them supply custom coatings for the European Space Agency and NASA’s Solar Orbiter exploring and observing the sun.

The team at Diamond Coatings are avid motorcyclists, and having all experienced the unpleasantness of foggy visors, decided to design and build their very own heated demisting visor accessory. Combining the team’s background in the design, development and supply of heater solutions to the aerospace, defence and medical industries with their expert knowledge and skills in creating high-quality conductive optical coatings, Diamond Coatings developed a film that can be easily applied to the visor of any helmet – and so VISIN was created. The product is made within the company’s world-class manufacturing facilities in the West Midlands, with 100% quality in all critical manufacturing processes assured.

Want to know more?

The VISIN Heated Visor Insert is available to purchase online at https://heatedvisor.co.uk/ with prices starting at £179.95 for a pack containing everything you need to fit and run the system. There are two universal-fit inserts (one for road helmets, one for enduro-style lids), and helmet-specific fitments are being added to the range, with a Shoei fitment already available.

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