Winging it

“One of the nicest machines I’ve ever ridden,”reckons Phil Turner.

A cautionary tale to begin with: if you happen upon a motorcycle auction, be warned that you may end up taking home more than just a catalogue – as Gordon can confirm…

“The Aermacchi? I bought it in Bonhams’ sale at the Stafford Show in April last year.

“I was showing a bike on the Italian Motorcycle Owners’ Club stand and was looking to kill a bit of time, so I borrowed a catalogue from a friend and just went in for a bit of a look. I spotted the Aermacchi, and that was it. It’s not the first time it’s happened!”


I warrant that it won’t be the last either. Gordon Hallett’s is a collection that is ever-evolving and that, for me as a lucky road tester who gets to sample it, is always tempting; he has a bit of a penchant for the unusual, different and rare.

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