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All the gear – the suit and helmet in particular – has been put to the test. Four days’ riding in Ireland, predominantly in the rain (which was why the non-waterproof gloves weren’t used), showed the Barbour let no water in, while it was commendably warm too, thanks to the incorporated gillet. There is the provision for putting in body armour too, while the trousers are padded at the knees, which adds warmth. The only downside is that the colour does show up the oil a bit, as the insides of my trousers proved after a day on the rather incontinent Velo…

\"JamesDavida’s Ninety 2 replaces the firm’s old Ninety 1. For an open face helmet, it is remarkably quiet and extremely comfortable too, though the ‘soft ears’ (inserts to replace the standard firmer padding) are recommended. It’s nicely finished, as one expects of Davida.

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The yellow and black Spada gloves are thin and flexible, which always helps on a classic (particularly vintage) machine, with various levers and such to juggle with.

The Barbour costs £349 for the jacket, £199 for the trousers. It’s also available in black. Have a look at www.barbour.com or 0800 00 99 for nearest stockist enquiries.

The Davida Ninety 2 is £269. Have a look at www.davida.co.uk or 0151 647 2419.

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The Spada gloves are  £39.95, details from www.spadaclothing.co.uk or 01384 41381.

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