Two careful owners

That’s all this beautiful 1956 Tiger 110 Triumph has had. Though its original owner sold it in 1961, it was left to him in the second owner’s will.

Two careful owners
Lovely 1957 picture of Roy and Doreen touring on the Triumph. Here, they”re at Land”s End.
I didn’t regret selling the Tiger One-Ten at the time,” says Hampshire enthusiast Roy Houghton, speaking of the Triumph he’d bought new in 1956.

“I wanted a car so the bike had to go, it was as simple as that. Years later I was working at a car agency in America and thought it would be nice to have it back, but it took decades before I eventually managed to get it.”


The Triumph came from the motorcycle dealership pre-war racer Alec Bennett had set up in Southampton, and Roy was actually an apprentice on the car side of Bennett’s at the time.

That didn’t earn him a discount, though, and Roy still has the Hire Purchase document, with its hand-written entries showing the monthly payments leading up to final ownership.

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