Triple treat

There was definitely an ‘other-world’ appearance to the BSA on launch.

Reading his first ride report from September 25, 1968, it’s clear from the off that the Rocket 3 had quite a first impression on The Motor Cycle’s Vic Willoughby: “Racing power with garden-party manners, an iron hand in velvet glove – such is the dream of many a connoisseur. In the 740cc Rocket 3, BSA translates the dream into reality. Its 58bhp is a level of power that any road racer, bar those with factory support, would give his eye-teeth for,” went his opening paragraph.

“Naturally, with just about every mod-con you could wish for, the Rocket 3 weighs half as much again as a 500cc racer. Yet its eager engine provides shattering acceleration and a top whack, with the rider tucked in as much as possible, of more than two miles in a minute. And all with no more than a pleasant drone from the six tailpipes.”



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