Time machine

This staggering motorcycle, built in 1935, is based on a Henderson Four. It takes its styling cues from the art deco period from whence it came – and it couldn’t have come from any other era.

Time machine
The compact dimensions of the riding position are clear to see.
Most motorcycle design doesn’t represent a two-wheeled expression of design trends manifested in the world at large.

But occasionally something surfaces that goes against that convention, as a look at the recently restored American four-cylinder Henderson motorcycle created by O. Roy Courtney in 1935 will confirm.


Art deco was an innovative and ultra-distinctive design style, which spanned the boom of the Roaring Twenties and the bust of the Depression-ridden 1930s.

Derived from the French term l’art décoratif, it originated in France in 1925 as the successor to art nouveau, then quickly spread worldwide, bringing its distinctive style to the streets and skylines of cities from Paris to New York, Sydney to Shanghai, London to Vienna.

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