The way we were: July 1938

Georg Meier

With a clean sheet the German team of Georg Meier (pictured), R Seltsam and J Forstner (all 494cc BMWs) won the International Silver Vase.

The Eastern Command of the British Army held its first trial on July 1. Starting time was 8.45am, with a map grid reference for the trial’s starting point – the first test was to turn up at the appointed venue on time. Scoring puzzled regular trials riders, while the entrants tackled rough trails, river beds, steep climbs, gullies and such.


Before the scores were tallied, each machine was examined for damage with points deducted from the starting total of 200 for bent footrests, levers and the like. The event’s overall winner was Lieutenant B D S Ginn of the Royal Army Ordinance Corps with a loss of just 17. Ginn was a well known ISDT and trials rider who the week after this first military trial rode in the year’s ISDT detailed above. Motorcycling can be a small world!

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