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Driven by renowned competition rider Hugh Gibson, the combination, entered by the Clyno Engineering Company, Pelham Street, Wolverhampton, carried an official ACU observer during the entire 2015½ miles. The three-speed V-twin outfit, complete with crew and kit, scaled 895lb.

Covering around 200 miles per day at an average speed of 20mph, Hugh spent 10 hours a day in the saddle and completed the final leg, Liverpool to Barnet via Birkenhead, nonstop. Fuel was passed in cans from an accompanying car to Gibson who replenished the tank while on the move. Hugh later stated the riding was bearable but the incessant rain caused his mind to play tricks on more than one occasion.

Despite contending with strong winds, severe inlet manifold icing, at times 6in deep glutinous mud, heavy rain, deep potholes, heavy mist, snow and large rocks strewn across the road, the Clyno suffered no problems apart from a wheel damaged by poor road surfaces.

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Such was Gibson’s pace the accompanying crew’s powerful Crossley car struggled at times to keep the flying Clyno in sight. After finishing at Barnet on February 12 and sealing the outfit for later official examination, the gathered ensemble went first to the RAC Headquarters in Pall Mall and then a well deserved Bohemian reception in High Holburn.

IoM TT races in doubt. A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the future of these annual races. With only one UK manufacturer in five supporting the annual event, does the TT have a future?

Before winning the 127 mile 500cc class of the season opening American GP, Mike Hailwood (MV Agusta) lapped the banked Daytona speedbowl at over 145mph to set a new FIM one hour world record. In the day’s smaller classes, New Zealander Hugh Anderson (Suzuki) won the 50cc and 125cc races and Alan Shepherd (MZ) won the 250cc event.

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The Manx Club has announced it will accept entries from female riders for the first time this year. Cheshire book-keeper Liz Skinner (250 Yamaha), who lapped the Mountain Circuit in 1988s 250cc class Production TT at 87mph, has immediately announced she’ll race in the Manx GP. Keen to accommodate all Island visitors at the TT IoM, tourist minister Alan Ball confirmed the former RAF camp at Jurby Airfield would be opened to any enthusiasts struggling to find a bed.

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