The way we were: December 1913


New engine unveiled

The unit with square bore and stroke dimensions of 68 x 68mm developed a claimed 14hp, yet tipped the scales at just 48lb. The cylinder barrels were slightly offset and the engine used two connecting rods to one piston in an attempt to get reciprocating masses exactly opposed to each other to create a vibrationless engine. The engine, which has been tested at up to 5000rpm, used a Bosch magneto and Amac carburettor.

Motor Cycle columnist Ixion wrote “that existing types of motor bicycles may satisfy the youthful and athletic, but leave much to be desired from the standpoint of a middle aged businessman who desires more comfort and protection”. As if in response to Ixion, aircraft man AV Roe, who like the columnist realised the shortcomings of the motorcycle on his trips between Manchester and London in all weathers, sketched out his concept of a streamlined motorcycle with stabilisers.

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The Bournemouth and District MCC earned the honour of holding the first open trial of 1913 with its 141 mile event starting and finishing at Bournemouth and competitors lunching at Yeovil.


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