The Classic Motorcycle on sale now

The Classic Motorcycle on sale now

This month's contents includes:
Gold Star day   
Banbury Run   
Festival of 1000 Bikes   
Bery Swain, motorcycle racer(Wo)Men who mattered: Beryl Swain  
The motorcycling world was shaken by a ‘blonde bombshell’ in the early 1960s, though soon ‘the establishment’ had her banned.
Brian Bonny interview  
Classic advert   
For various budgets: tele-rigids
By the end of the 1940s, the telescopic front fork was well established, but rear suspension was slower to follow.
Jerry Thurston column   
Archive photograph   
'Sliding in the sunshine' was the headline of Motor Cycle’s May 5, 1966, and was in reference to the conditions generated by a combination of ferocious sidecar action coupled with a scorching hot day; while the sidecar men’s rubber melted onto the surface, the solo runners were faced with an increasingly slippery surface. And there were lots of sidecar races that day.
Roy Poynting Column   
Triumph Trophy TR5Triumph Trophy TR5   
The rigid framed Triumph Trophy is low, light and peppy. What’s not to fall for?
Which model? Post-war Douglas twins  
After the Second World war, Douglas pinned much of its hopes on its flat twin, horizontally opposed 350cc model, which while it was a fine motorcycle and had its staunch advocates, was rather too unorthodox and quixotic to save the company.
Royal Enfield Bullet   
Reader’s restoration (Karslake Dreadnought)   
Restoration Guide – Velocette MOV and MAC   
Seen from the saddle   
Crocker – company history and road test   
Straight from the plate – 1928 Southern Trial   
BSA Bantam D1   
To many, the Bantam is familiar and often overlooked – though it still makes an excellent, enjoyable, value for money classic, as explained.
Closer Look – 1951 TT profiles   
You were asking   
Parts interchangeability – front forks   
Technical feature – gearboxes   
Next month   
Jim Whalley at 1923 French GPClassic camera: French GP, June 1923
Five laps from the finish, Jim Whalley stops to refuel his flat-twin Douglas – he had a commanding lead, having inherited it on lap 14, after Gillard was forced to retire when his Peugeot parallel twin expired….

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