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This month's contents includes:
Lansdowne roundup   
Motorcycle art   
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Jake Robbins Engineering Services   
Men who mattered (Sir Hugh Cairns)   
David Beckett interview   
Delivery driver, June 1916Classic advert   
For various budgets (Postwar sidevalves)   
Jerry Thurston column   
Archive photograph   
Which model? (Ariel parallel twins)   
Roy Poynting Column   
BSA C15    
‘Old Bill’ Brough Superior   
With 51 firsts in a row, George Brough’s personal sprinter is the most famous Brough Superior in the world. But it didn’t quite make 52 wins…
Reader’s restoration (Matchless G3C)   
Straight from the plate – Ibsley airfield, 1954   
Indian Royal Enfield   
A somewhat strange amalgamation of British parallel twin and American V-twin, resulted in this Anglo-American range topper
Seen from the saddleNew Imperial
New Imperial Light Tourist   
Sure, models like this 1921 New Imperial don’t have much power – but they are incredibly light
Restoration Guide – Vincent Comet   
Closer Look – the 1952 show   
You were asking   
Parts interchangeability – parts bin specials   
Technical feature – gearboxes, part two
One of the mysteries of modern life is how can all the pinions, shafts, striker forks and odds be fitted into seemingly small gearbox shells? In reality, no magic wand is needed – just order   
Next month   
Classic Camera  
US-based ‘Motorcycle tailor’ Ross Langlitz (doing his best Clark Gable impression!) poses on his 1947 Velocette KSS, with the model probably, at most, a year or two old

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