The changing classic times

Please forgive the tardiness of this little missive but with mounting concern I reread Neil AC Wyatt’s ‘It’s Time To Wake Up’ in February’s Readers’ Letters, page 14.

Among other concerns, the excitable Mr Wyatt’s view that the further adulteration of motor fuels should be major cause célèbre among enthusiasts who, in his telling, will soon be relegated to battery-powered contrivances.

Ike Eichelberger’s G80 TCS, taking shape in Houston, Texas.

We colonials have been contending with E-10 for years and may soon see E-15 as the standard fuel in urban areas. We may not like it but we will simply adapt because that is what one does in pursuing one’s passion.


This country’s largest motorcycling advocate, the AMA (American Motorcyclists Association) has fulminated for years about E-15 to no avail and in my view has wasted much resource and political capital on a futile effort to stem the tide of time.

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