Spotted at Stafford – 1992 Ducati 900SL Mk1

1992 Ducati 900SL Mk1

The chassis and engine of the bike were essentially the same as you’d find on a 900SS, but featured a few miniscule differences. The SuperLight featured a vented clutch cover, floating cast-iron front discs manufactured by Brembo, lightweight Marvic wheels and the large upswept silencers that also made an appearance on Ducati’s 888 SP4 model.

After the initial 1992 model the spec was downgraded to save money, which meant that the Marvic wheels and mudguards had to go. Like the 900SS, the SuperLight featured Ducati’s famous desmodromic valve gear that was designed by the great Fabio Taglioni. This bike was entered by Tony Raynor, and is turning more than a few heads at this year’s Stafford show!

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