Speedway anniversary

Jack Webb and his 500 Hagon-JAP replica

This year, the opportunity for riders, mechanics, officials or just keen spectators past and present, to get together and celebrate a common bond of enthusiasm for track racing, happened at the National Museum of Speedway, within Paradise Wildlidfe Park, a zoo run by former rider Pete Sampson.

Among the lines of old speedway bikes was Jack Webb’s replica of Alf Hagon’s championship-winning Hagon-JAP grass track racer. Faithfully re-created, the specification included Borrani rims, laced to a lightweight British Hub at the front (with Alf’s preferred trials tyre) and a rigid BSA B31 item at the rear. The exhaust is an unusual high-level bend, recalling days when grass tracks might feature chicanes, or right hand corners. Alf Hagon was happy to endorse the bike by signing the rear mudguard, although he noted that Jack had ‘used too many washers.’ A light-hearted reference to Alf’s obsession with making his bikes as light as possible.

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