Record (but not tank) straightening

Just to set the record straight in Tim Britton’s 1927 Ariel story in the April issue. ‘KO 1097’ was never mine; she belonged to my mate Miles, but I was always very jealous!

We were both 21 years old in 1985 when he got the Ariel and although used to 650cc Triumphs, found the Ariel surprisingly powerful… maybe too powerful.

I remember a near disaster checking its top speed while Miles ‘clocked’ me in his car. Revving out in second I dropped it into top and it leapt forward, shooting me instantly rearwards on the polished leather saddle; having just let go of the clutch lever, a finger and thumb grip on the tiny throttle lever was my only handhold to keep from sliding off the back!


The bike clocked 65mph – but it felt a lot faster, I can assure you.

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