Pioneering spirit

This year marked the Sunbeam MCC’s 77th Pioneer Run, with an eclectic range of machines and riders attempting the famous journey from London to Brighton.

Pioneering spirit
Dave Jones poses with the 1913 Ariel he’d borrowed from Chris Thomas.
The first day of spring 2016 (March 20) and the Sunbeam MCC’s Pioneer Run ushered in the start of the riding season with the 77th trip to Brighton for strictly controlled, genuine veteran machines.

Some light early rain had cleared by the time the first of the runners left Epsom Downs at 8am. Not far from the start, recent building development saw the installation of a new set of traffic lights, resulting in an early and unexpected brake test for more than one rider.


The programme listed some 339 entries and many of the names were familiar.

People like Don Rickman, Sammy Miller, Howard German and former drag racer Bernie White. Some have made a lifelong hobby from old motorcycles, others are retired from the top levels of various sporting disciplines but veteran motorcycles become an equally absorbing pastime.

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