November 2023


The November edition of The Classic MotorCycle magazine offers a lavishly illustrated celebration of legendary machines, riders and races, and news, reviews and rare period images from the golden age of motorcycling.

Drawing on an archive stretching back to 1903, The Classic MotorCycle magazine provides an unparalleled insight into more than a century of motorcycle design, development, riding, racing and much more.

This month:

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Purple and popular

The 1970 Triumph Tiger 100SS deserves its plaudits, being perhaps the best-ever 500cc model from the Meriden manufacturer, a title hotly contested.

To the Sahara by M20

Who needs a BMW GS to go long-distance touring? This is the much more fun way, riding an ex-WD Second World War machine all the way to the desert and back.

Bravery required

Getting acquainted with an early racing Norton – no brakes to speak of, light weight and flimsy construction, powerful V-twin engine… What’s not to like?

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Competition proven

The Greeves off-roaders were odd looking things, but once they started winning, suddenly their curious appearance didn’t matter so much. 

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