My old Matchless on the cover

Nice article and pictures on the Matchless G3LS in the July issue.

I owned/restored the bike before selling it on.

Specification includes a 7.5 compression ratio piston and SH (scrambles) cams, minor port polishing and a Lucas Wader magneto, fettled by Shaun Hawker.


I bought the frame and engine as a lump and sourced all other parts thereafter.

I liked the slimline effect and usefulness of the later subframe which I modified to fit in the frame loop.

Picture supplied by Laurie Packer, of his old G3LS and G80CS.

Wheels were built by Brickwood, the trials gearbox has correct ratios.


The tank was done professionally, the rest of the paint down to me. So glad Andy Westlake enjoyed it.

I also sold a G80CS repatriated from the USA to Malcolm Arnold.

Laurie Packer, via email.


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