Looking for track layouts

Recently a friend and I have been looking for information on the scrambles (motocross) at Brands Hatch. Today, I got round to opening the September 2019 issue of The Classic Motorcycle and, surprise, surprise, was an article on the Motocross des Nations, including Brands Hatch in 1949.

What I am looking for in particular are maps of the various courses used.

Cox, AJS, leaps at Brands in 1949. Does anyone have a plan of the circuit used?

The only one that I have is for the 1966 international in a programme.


There are photos and the odd film of the postwar events but no maps.

Are you or any of your readers aware of any? If there are some out there, then we would be most grateful.

Keep up the good work.


Alan Brown, email alanbrown402@btinternet.com

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