Little cracker

There’s so much fun to be had on small capacity classics. Losing momentum is not an option!

Chris Mayhew is leading the way on this Mondial while I’m chasing on the Gilera Saturno, featured in our November 2015 issue.

So we’re riding examples of two of the most famous and prominent names from 1950s grand prix racing, with Gilera among the top dogs in the bigger classes, the Mondials enjoying much success in the smaller categories.


And Chris is riding the little two-stroke (the factory’s 1950s racers were all four-strokes) with the vigour perhaps to be expected of a man who has raced for many years and worked for Bimota as a test rider; he’s basically not slowing down for anything as the little ride-to-work screamer is hustled up and down hills, through corners and along straights, carting Chris’s thin six-foot plus frame with little complaint.

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