Knock-out Yamaha

I really appreciated the letter from Nigel Megson regarding the great article by Andy Westlake on my Greeves 197cc Scottish in the September 2019 issue of The Classic MotorCycle.

In answer to his question concerning my ride in the 1971 ISDT, it was cut very short on the Tuesday afternoon.

The small 18in front wheel that was in the Yamaha was a problem.

Chris Cullen on the Yamaha during the 1971 ISDT. An over-the-handlebars crash led to a spell in Nobles hospital.

On really rough going it tended to nose-dive and it eventually got the better of me – I went over the top, was unconscious for some time and ended up overnight in Nobles hospital!
I only have one photo of me on the bike (attached).

Despite its faults, it was quick and may have been more controllable with a 21in wheel, but we did not have any time to alter it!

Chris Cullen, via email.


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