Just like my Beesa

Having picked up the July issue of TCM, I got to page 88 and on seeing the BSA, I thought: ‘Wow, I have one of those.’

Well, it’s my wife’s. She gave me permission to purchase it and then she claimed it for herself… Typical. I also have a 1950 B33, 1948 B33 (my next project) and a 1955 Matchless G9, that I only got going in March this year.

On a side note, my 1948 B33 came from a friend I’ve known for 40-plus years. He started by getting the rims rechromed.

Ray Walding’s BSA… Well, his wife’s actually!

They are still wrapped in newspaper dating back to 1986! And that’s as much as he did to it. I’ve had the bike for five years now.

Take care and thanks for a great mag.

Ray Walding, Whyalla, South Australia.


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