Hong Kong quay,1956

Launched in late 1949, the Golden Flash was BSA’s first 650cc parallel twin and although it looked rather like the 500cc A7, it was in fact a new design; indeed, the updated A7 was to be based on the A10. Initially available in rigid and (more often) plunger framed guises, of the first year’s A10 production, it was reckoned 80% went to America.

The Golden Flash gained a swinging arm frame in 1954 and continued to be BSA’s steady, good-selling 650cc twin, eventually replaced with the introduction of the unit construction models in late 1961.


Hong Kong had become a British colony in 1842, which it remained until 1997, when it was transferred back to China, though it retains a high level of autonomy from China, while many of its laws are still based on those established under the British. With a population of just over seven million, the country offers a mixture of east and west, with traditional Chinese culture existing alongside strong western influence. bike

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