Hitchcocks purchases Enfield history

In 1967, when the Royal Enfield factory in Redditch closed, the Enfield Cycle Company Ltd was purchased by Norton Villiers Ltd.

Some of the better sorted technical drawings. There are approx 40,000 in total.

Norton Villiers contracted Enfield Precision Engineers to carry on production of the Royal Enfield Interceptor. Enfield Precision Engineers had been producing virtually all the postwar Royal Enfield twin engines from the early 1950s and shipping them to the Redditch factory to be built into complete motorcycles.

In 1971, Enfield Precision Engineers finally closed its doors and was sold to Matt Holder (of Scott, Vincent, and Velocette fame), with all its rights and documentation.


Also in 1971 Veloce Ltd, which by then was operating the spares business for the single cylinder Royal Enfields, went into liquidation and was purchased by Holder.

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