Heritage Transport Show

Roy Taylor and the 1932 Ariel Square Four 600 that took some years to restore

The main pavilion is being rebuilt, so space was found for much of the motorcycle display, traders and classic cars in a temporary structure that was also impressive. Even so, covered space was at a premium, so there was a large overspill outside, but with fine spring weather this was no problem and attendance was better than expected. Each year, the show attracts more entries and the AMC Owners and the Norton Owners added a fine variety of examples of their respective marques.

Roy Taylor's 1932 Ariel Square Four was much admired. The bike was bought locally, about 12 years ago, in very poor condition and restored over six years. Many of the required parts were surprisingly easy to find, but the correct speedometer took five years to track down. Eventually, a box of odds and ends at a collective auction contained an entire tank top panel, complete with speedo. Even at £220, the box was still a cheaper deal!

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