Halloween bonfire burn-up

It’s the 1960s, with Shakespeare County Raceway at its peak… Actually, no, it’s really October 2017, as Justin Newell, 150 (supercharged Hagon Triumph-Weslake), lines up with Tim Howell (supercharged BSA A65) in the far lane.

With the start of housing development on the site possibly imminent, a decision is expected soon regarding future race events at Shakespeare County Raceway.

The drag strip, near Stratford-upon-Avon, wrapped up its 2017 season with the Halloween Party and Bonfire Burn-up, on October 28/29. The National Sprint Association (Southern Section) also closed its race season with sprint sessions as part of two days of track action.

Among the entry of sprint bikes developed from more recent machinery, a small selection of classic British twins took advantage of the occasion.


Justin Newell, on his nitro-fuelled, 750cc Hagon Triumph, was the quickest, posting an impressive 9.49/144mph.


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