Green day

In town the Aermacchi is excellent, nippy and possessed of rapid acceleration allied to its good balance. Behind is North Leicester Motorcycles (NLM) workshops, where the Aermacchi was for sale. Though this Ala Verde has gone, call NLM (01536 263381) for similar Italian beauties.

Sometimes, one somehow misses a certain motorcycle.

This has been my experience with Aermacchi – not only had I never ridden one, so far as I could remember, I’d never even sat on one, looked at one closely, considered one or investigated anything to do with them.


Sure, I’d seen them classic racing over the years, while I remember that the book about engine tuner Francis Beart (A Single Purpose) had one on the cover, ridden by Jack Findlay if I remember, while the efforts of Bill Swallow, among others, didn’t go unnoticed.

There was all the racing ‘in period’ which was impressive, especially when one considered the sum of the Aermacchi’s parts (i.e. simple pushrod four-stroke engine in a basic spine frame), but that was as far as it went. It wasn’t for any reason, it wasn’t because of any prejudice of any kind – they’d just never taken my fancy.

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