Great article on marvelous Mick

Just got my June 2020 issue and read the lovely article on Mick Andrews.

I first came across Mick in 1962 when a neighbour and schoolteacher Mr Walton took me and a few other street kids to a trial. Our job was to help pull failed bikes out of the sections.

The trial was the Bemrose, Derbyshire’s premier trials event. I was told to look out for Arthur Lampkin and Sammy Miller, who would probably be the winners.


But there was another rider I watched for, he was a local chap called Mick Andrews. He came and went, as did Sammy and Arthur, with no problems.

Jack – or Mr Walton to me – went on to be chairman of the VMCC and original brains behind the 1000 bikes event.

That Bemrose Trial feeling has never left, and I still have the programme.


These days, I live in north Derbyshire and am proud to class Mick and Jill as not only near neighbours, but also friends. They are truly the nicest people you could wish to meet and always encouraging others to ‘have a go’.

You chose well.

Mike Wild,via email.


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