Extra special

Andy lets the KSS special stretch its legs on one of Somerset’s country lanes.

If you’re a connoisseur of the superb range of bikes that rolled off the Hall Green production lines, then you might be a tad confused when you take a look at this machine.

The engine is readily identifiable as that of a Mk. II KSS but, as the last bike of this type was manufactured at the end of 1947, you will quickly see that the frame, twin leading shoe front brake and silencer are from a much later example of the Birmingham company’s sporty singles. So what is this strange beast, I hear you ask?


As a standard KSS, the bike which carries the number plate ‘CFV 526’ was manufactured in September 1947 and, later that month, was sold by Lancashire dealer Parrish and Sons to Jack Windle of Dickinson Road in Blackpool.

Nothing is known of the motorcycle’s early years, but it stayed with its original owner until 1952 when the KSS was traded in to the Premier Motor Company of Aston in Birmingham.

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