Enfield details sought

This early Royal Enfield was acquired by Vintage and Veteran (www.vinandvet.eu) in late 2017, in a complete, unrestored, but original condition.

The bike was missing a carburettor and basically needed control levers, cables and oil pipes.

It was sold as a 1903 bike, mainly because it was similar to the only other known pioneer Royal Enfield, which was also incorrectly thought to be 1903.

Amazing 1904 Royal Enfield. Does anyone know any more about it?

Royal Enfield only assembled a handful of motorcycles in 1903/4, and then no more until 1910.

The Enfield had no paperwork, no history, and no visible frame or engine numbers, though these numbers were soon revealed under the dirt and paint, and both are correct for 1904.

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