Editor’s Welcome

This was always going to be the busiest period of the year, what with events every weekend, and so it has proved. The Flywheel Festival kicked things off, a superb weekend down there, which afforded the opportunity to exercise the KTT too, though I also took the Rex-Acme and gave that a run. It was a lovely do; we sat in the sun enjoying lunch while an air display went on in front of us, then back and a bit of riding, then back to cold drinks…

The next weekend was an ‘early birds’ run – a 7am start, lovely 50 mile ride into Suffolk, on the swinging arm MAC, then a hearty breakfast. Our regular contributor Phil Turner joined us for that ride (and that breakfast!) with another good time had by all. A couple of the guys reckoned they were off to do the route again after breakfast. I think they were joking…


The following weekend presented a choice for me, and I plumped to do Norfolk pre-31 weekend, rather than the VMCC’s revived Festival of 1000 Bikes. I really enjoyed it too, having my first proper ride on the 1927 Longstroke Sunbeam I acquired last winter, clocking up about 100 miles in all. No problems, once we’d poked something in the little breather hole in the fuel cap which was blocked up and led to a couple of early stoppages. It was Bryan Lingard (also on the run and a number of whose machines we’ve featured) who suggested that fix; thanks Brian! That was on the Saturday then the Sunday I switched to the Rex-Acme, which went better than it has for years (it’s been a long process…) until about two miles from the end I noticed a crack rapidly developing on the handlebars. I gently rode back and put it in the van…

Finally, we finished off with the Morini OC track day at Cadwell Park. If we’d started the month with the relaxed pace of the Flywheel Festival, then the Morini day was the polar opposite. You’ll be able to read more about it next month, but suffice to say I managed six track sessions on four different bikes (two Velocette, two Morinis), while a couple of pals (one an old friend, another a new) rode the KTT too. As for so much of this summer, it was a beautiful day – though I was weary come the end of it!

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