Don’t spare the horses…

Horsepower: (1) An imperial unit of power equal to 550 foot-pounds per second (2) the Royal Automobile Club measurement for tax purposes calculated from the diameter of the bore and the number of cylinders in a engine (3) A rally for pre-1920 motorcycles that has been running for 36 years.

Rondom Gees: A random ride on vintage motorcycles around the picturesque village of Gees. And the good news is that these two events run back-to-back, making the third weekend in April a great reason to go Dutch.

First up on Saturday was the Rondom Gees. “Ten years ago I was having a coffee with my friend Joop Gerdes and we thought that it would be nice to have a rally for early motorcycles based here in our home town,” says P&M rider Peter Kuiper. “We realised that if we organised it for the same weekend as the HorsePower, then it would encourage more riders to make the journey to the Netherlands.”


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