Cullen and the 1971 ISDT

Being a trials man myself I enjoyed the Greeves Scottish story featuring Chris Cullen in the September 2019 issue.

The last time I saw Chris Cullen was on a Steam Packet ferry, bound for Douglas and the ISDT in September 1971.

I was 17 and on my way to the IoM for my first time, riding my own Greeves Anglian and helping to open and close gates in the event.

ABOVE: Programme for the 1971 ISDT, held in the Isle of Man.

Chris was riding a 351cc Yamaha DT entered by Bob Gollner Motorcycles. His bike looked fantastic, but I do remember that it had what appeared to be a smallish front wheel with a biggish tyre on it.

The bike was an American/European market model, so maybe that’s how it was. His riding number was 262, but I never found out what happened to him in the event.

Nigel Megson, via email.


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