Appearances can be deceptive

Three big V-twins, featuring plated petrol tanks and even at a glance a fine specification, with speedometers and lighting sets apparent. Brough Superiors, right? Wrong…

At a glance – and to be fair, even a reasonably sustained look – for all intents and purposes, this is a trio of Brough Superiors, posed together at the start of a long-distance event.

One expects that a face among the trio belongs to George Brough, with perhaps another that of ‘Gentleman’ Dickson, ‘Oily’ Karslake, Charles Needham, George Patchett, or another of the prominent BrufSup exponents.


A good, close look reveals that none of the ‘usual suspects’ are depicted.

The said-same more detailed inspection of the motorcycles starts to throw up some anomalies.

hat are those front forks? Well, not all Brough Superiors used the Castle fork, with Webb, Brampton and even Montgomery variously employed at different times.


But the ones on the featured machines don’t look like any of those either.

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