Classic Camera: Tommy hitches a lift, Ulster 1964

Tommy Robb hitches a lift

In 1964 he simply retired in the 125cc race. He was out of luck in the 250cc race too; though he set off at a flying pace on a year old works Yamaha, he was forced into repeated stops when the plugs fouled up and he had to call it a day.

People enjoying more success were the respective race winners. Hugh Anderson (Suzuki) took the smallest (125cc) class, with Swiss Luigi Taveri next and home-grown Ralph Bryan in third. Suzuki pair Frank Perris and Bert Schneider were fourth and fifth, Spaniard Torras (Bultaco) sixth.


In the 250s, Phil Read (Yamaha) won from Jim Redman (Honda four) and Ralph Bryans (Honda twin). Alan Shepherd (MZ) was fourth, Bruce Beale (Honda twin) was next, then Schneider sixth on the Suzuki square four.

Redman took the 350cc race, with Mike Duff (AJS) second, Gustav Havel (Jawa), Beale (Honda), Chris Conn (Norton) and Fred Stevens (AJS) the top six. In the 500cc race Phil Read headed a top five clean sweep of Nortons (from Dick Creith, Jack Ahearn, Rob Fitton, Conn) with Stevens (Matchless), sixth. bike

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