Classic Camera: Fuelling an SD, May 1921

So what conclusions were drawn? The machine (“one of the first of its type to be released to the public”) generally met with favourable comment, though the mudguarding was deemed insufficient. “The front guard can only be described as ornamental rather than useful… it is only fair to mention that the Triumph Cycle Co. have now modified the design…” while the stirrup brake had rubbed the paint off the front rim, “…which is in consequence badly rusted”.

Subtle modifications had been carried out – including the Hunt headlamp and the substitution of a Claudel-Hobson single lever carburettor (easier to use in traffic than the twin lever being the reasoning) while the report concluded; “…if its successor serves us as faithfully… we shall be satisfied indeed, for never has the writer owned a more reliable and trustworthy machine”. bike

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