Classic camera: an athletic pair, December 1931


Classic camera: An athletic pair, December 1931

Miss Stone was winner of the 800m race at the third Women’s World Games in Prague, on September 7-9, 1930, which welcomed more than 200 participants from 17 countries and around 15,000 spectators. The Women’s World Games were held four times between 1922 and 1934. They were established by Alice Milliat and the Fédération Sportive Féminine Internationale to compensate for the lack of women’s sports at the Olympic Games.

Mr Bale is more of a mystery, though his motorcycle of choice would appear to be a rather well-used Round Tank BSA. The 250cc BSA – official name Model B – was of course BSA’s top seller of the 1920s. Its simplicity and so appeal to new riders/non enthusiasts was key; the little Beesa boasted a two-speed gear (though it did get a third cog late on), two rear wheel brakes, all chain drive and mechanical lubrication – though it did retain a manual pump and sight glass, which can be seen in the picture.

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