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The label ‘classic’ is applied to all sorts of things from music to architecture through films and furniture – the Gold Star is a motorcycle for which the word could have been invented.

Though happier with knobbly tyres and high-rise bars, Tim Britton is able to appreciate the Goldie’s charms.

As I wait by the side of the road for photographer Gary Chapman and Tony Clarke – the owner of the 500cc BSA Gold Star I’m astride – to catch up a couple of things occur to me.

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The first thing is ‘what a fine motorcycle this Goldie is,’ yes, it’s as 1960s as Sounds Incorporated bashing out their version of The William Tell overture on Granada TV’s Don’t Knock the Rock but all the better for it. Its clip-on handlebars, rear-sets and raceresque style conjour up images, which to me define the decade when youth shook off post Second World War austerity and demanded to be noticed, much more than the peace and love of the flower power set…

The second thing is ‘those Rosenthal lads are going to have a field day!’

You see I have this good-natured banter with regular TCM contributor, Richard Rosenthal, and his son Pete, both of whom are Clubman Gold Star owners and enthusiasts.

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