Brooklands racer goes under the hammer

H&H’s motorcycle expert George Beale said: “Howard Earle won The Motor Cycle Trophy for the best performance by a clubman at the 1936 Clubman’s Day on this bike, but his name isn’t on the solid silver trophy that came with the Excelsior. He entered as A Macintosh because he didn’t want his mother to know that he was racing!”

Although The Motor Cycle’s reporter played along with the ruse and refers to A Macintosh in his report, the photograph of the winner is captioned ‘A Macintosh’, better known as H A R Earle’. After being restored in 2006 the TT Model Excelsior JAP was ridden at several Brooklands events before it was auctioned by H&H. It sold for the princely sum of £21,280.

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