Brooklands double twelve

Des Heckle aboard the Francis-Barnett Falcon he rescued in 2006

Club members brought a small, but varied selection of bikes to make up a small display to the side of the famous Clubhouse. In spite of the nearby display of the more outrageous aero-engined cars, there was a lot of interest in the two wheelers of more modest performance.

Arthur Walls brought a Condor, from 1932, the only year of production, and one of only two known survivors. Nearby, his 1936 Blackburne-engined Stag is only slightly more common. It was a more successful model for the company and was only dropped when the engine supplier ceased production.


Former sprint ace Des Heckle brought along an Autocycle model as well as a 1953 ‘Overseas’ Falcon. The first owner of the Falcon specified the bike with a Competition Villiers 7E/4 engine to use in local trials in the fifties. The bike was laid up, semi-dismantled, in 1980 until restoration by Des in 2006

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