Brightly coloured Ajay info sought


Brightly coloured Ajay info sought Once again, congratulations on another great issue with the July number. Although I have never owned one of the AJS or Matchless twins they have always interested me. I was particularly intrigued by the G45 racer which Bob McIntyre once rode. You did a picture feature on the G45 a few years ago but I wonder if we might see an in-depth technical appraisal one day? Living in Hong Kong for 26 years (now in the Philippines for 16 years) I founded the Hong Kong Classic Bike Club which is still going strong. One of our members made a ‘barn’ find a few years back that included two Honda CBX six-cylinder bikes. Among the hoard was an AJS Model 20 which he passed on to another of my friends, who has done some wonderful Norton Commando restorations.

I attach a picture of the bike ‘as found’ and wonder if anyone might have an inkling of the bike’s history based on the unusual tank paint scheme. My friend also noted that it had a ‘military style’ carburettor when he got it. The colour scheme is not far removed from that used by the White Helmet Army display team.

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Howard McKay, Philippines.

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