Another cammy special

Reading the article in the April issue on the spring-frame KSS, I’m reminded of my own machine, which started life as a 1954 350cc MAC but with many upgrades.

Another cammy special
Richard Pelling’s rather lovely looking Velocette special, with Mk.2 ‘cam my’ KSS engine in an RS MAC frame.
Drive chains and sprockets, clutch plates and springs and shock absorber were all replaced with MSS spares.

Full width hubs, chrome guards and rear set footrests were added.


The KSS engine was stripped to remove the compression plates.

Assembly was easy – line up the dots and set the ignition using a pencil in the plug hole.

Those were the days! Aluminium engine plates took care of securing the engine.


The close ratio gear cluster was a direct fit into the 1954 casing. It was all topped off with a Venom tank. If only I still owned it now!

Richard Pelling,
via email.

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