AFS Matchless Register

1959 G3 – WXR 560, pic Malcolm Weaver

These motorcycles, built to Home Office spec and painted green, were to be used by the Auxiliary Fire Service dispatch riders whose job it would be to escort the service’s Mobile Fire Columns around the United Kingdom in the event of new armed conflict. Many were exported, some scrapped, some reside in a dark cellar somewhere…

The AFS Matchless Motorcycle Register maintains a database recording the details of all 457 Auxiliary Fire Service Matchless motorcycles. The database has been complied from the records of three AFS Matchless enthusiasts – John Partington, Les Human and Malcolm Weaver. For the first time this wealth of information has been gathered together and has been entered into the new computer database and a register of known surviving examples has been complied. However, the register is always on the lookout for new leads or information relating to these distinctive Matchless motorcycles.


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