A fitting celebration

The Rickman Enthusiasts’ Day, held at the Sammy Miller Museum on June 23, brought an eclectic range of machinery and people together.

Words and photographs: James Robinson

Don and Derek Rickman, motocross royalty and innovative manufacturers of many products, were on hand to witness what was the biggest attendance in nine years at the Sammy Miller Museum for a day celebrating the products that they made.


And, fittingly, standing and looking from the museum, in the right direction, it was possible to see where their old premises were, too.

The brothers not only had their business nearby, they also grew up in New Milton, where their father Ernie, a former Southampton Speedway rider, had a car servicing and repair centre. Derek was born in 1933, Don in 1935.

Though Ernie died tragically young in 1948, the boys’ mother, Marjorie, kept the family business going.


At a young age, both brothers were riding in off-road competition – and winning.

Brilliantly bustling courtyard; the museum enjoyed a bumper day.

But by the end of the 1950s, they’d recognised that the ubiquitous BSA Gold Star was nearing the end of its days and bespoke machines were the feature. Enter the first Rickman Metisse.

During the 1960s, there were many Rickman motorcycles built, for all manner of uses – but motocross was the bread and butter, with tarmac circuit racing and road riders also catered for.


Many of these machines were congregated in the forecourt of the Miller Museum.

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