A brief chat with… Royce Creasey


The outspoken journalist, enthusiast, engineer and feet-forward advocate still has strong opinions on what he believes is the way to do things.

Words: TIM BRITTON Photographs: Royce Creasey

Those of us who came to British motorcycles because they were just cheap, old nails before the ‘classic scene’ really got underway, found a champion to our cause in Royce Creasey.

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Royce Creasey.

As we struggled to keep these things going, Creasey’s words in the fledgling classic motorcycle press offered hope of better things, or at least a decent chance of arriving at our destination.

His tales of using a Velocette Venom inspired even Triumph riders.

Gaining his expertise in the RAF where he qualified as an aircraft fitter, Royce applied his knowledge to the world of older motorcycles and developed fixes to problems which were brilliant in their simplicity – the alternator rotor fix is still working nearly 40 years on.

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Voyagers on tour.

Leaving the RAF, Royce ventured into the world of F1, before another ‘F’ became his passion – the ‘Feet Forward’ concept.

Head-scratching days (rear left) in Formula 1.

The FF(c) is, to its devotees, the future of motorised two-wheel machines which in essence haven’t altered since the 1890s when the local blacksmith was persuaded to cobble-up a few fittings to attach an engine in the cradle of a bicycle frame…

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